Tuesday, November 13

Out of Focus

Not a whole lot to say right now. I just finished up a free form month after the 24 HoM that saw me touching only my MTB and usually my SS if I rode at all. Marni said it was a lot of binge and purge riding which is probably true since I did fit a White Rim and Fruita trip into that month. I'm feeling very fresh again and wanting to ride although the lack of a major goal for 2008 is a bit of a demotivator. I'd love to just make a major goal for next year (GDR?) but right now I don't feel like I can do that. Last night I started back into a new routine though and I think that will be good for me. Steady riding and training keeps me much more balanced. Maybe blogging too. I should get on that. :)

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Marni said...

Ah yes, bike bulimia. It happens to the best of us, yours is just a more extreme version :) Keep riding, keep sane, keep wifey happy :) LOVE YOU!