Saturday, August 1

Longs Peak Redux

Marni has much better words for our Longs Peak trip than I do so I'll just share a few photos. Can't think of a much better way to spend the day though, just awesome.

Dawn just below the Boulderfield
Coiling the rope at the top of the technical section, I really like this picture.
Summit together. Our 20th joint 14er, only our third without Turbo.
Admiring the view of the cirque below. The Diamond, Mt.Meeker, Chasm Lake, Mt.Lady Washington. Everything the opposition direction was one giant cloud.
One of my all time favorite Marni self portraits. I believe this is while waiting at a belay station while I tried not to fall off icy 5.4 in Exums somewhere above. Background is a cloud.
More to come and I sure am glad to be so lucky.

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