Monday, December 14


Yesterday Brett and I wrapped up his year long project of a century every month of the year. Nice job Brett! He's less than 200 miles away from his other goal of 7,000 miles on the year as well.

I got my 12 in 12 last year and was on track to repeat until the injury knocked out October and November. A couple weeks ago I made a half-hearted attempted at getting November but a pretty sore tendon and knowing I missed October had me bailing at mile 80. Yesterday I had a goal to help Brett finish off his project and despite an okay forecast, we got tossed around pretty good by a stiff wind and colder than expected temperatures. Impending snow over our intended route had us turn back early leaving some route improv at the end. Just past mile 50 we hit the gas station for a bathroom break and Brett handed me a king size Butterfinger when I walked out. Those 500 calories helped strengthen my resolve and we put the Hump and the Wall behind us without any drama, added some bonus climbing and did a couple laps around the lake to finish off the century. Beer and wings were our reward and we earned it.

I'm a lot stronger than 2 weeks ago but Brett is a machine. He pulled into the wind 99% of the day and I'd have never done the full 100 without his help and that Butterfinger. Guess that's what friends are for, thanks!


Marni said...

Way to go Brett!

brett ebben said...

Whats amazing is being able to bike 100 miles like that after spending 6 weeks in bed.

James said...

You are rockin .... 100 miles great guys .... keep goin

Thomas said...

Hi Chris - I'm an old, ,old friend of Dave Harris, and admire your pursuits. I'm a roadie, but don't know who to ask - is it perfectly "legal" to ride Marshall Mesa at night? If I just park off of Hwy 128 and go, I should be ok, eh? Thanks, keep up the good work.

Chris said...


I don't know 100% certain but the signs all limit parking past a certain hour (11pm?) but nothing against night riding itself. I've ridden there quite a few times at night and have never been stopped or hassled whether it was 5pm or 2am.

enduroloco said...

Sounds interesting with respect to the 12 for 12. I think I am going to get 12 in from March to November (not counting races). December through February is just not good here in the great white north.