Wednesday, August 2

Green Mountain Social Ride aka Sneaking Past Mother Nature Again

Quick post because bed is calling. Erik, Scott, Craig, Bill and I had a boys ride this week as the girls all bailed. We hit up Green Mountain from Rooney Rd. A little over 10 miles total in pretty gorgous weather. The rain threatened again but it never materialized and we rode from 6pm to almost dark, taking it easy and finding fun ways down the mountain. Erik and I were smarter than during our winter outing here and didn't eat dirt today. I got there early so I killed 20 minutes by heading up and down Zorro once and then the group all did it as well at the end of the ride. That trail is really awesome and opens up amazing linkups for all the Jeff Co trails. After the ride we hit up Jason's deli for some tasty dinner and free ice cream, yum!

Two new clothing items got test runs today. I'm still testing my new Smartwool microweight cycling socks and I usually prefer mini crews but these are working well with no heel/ankle irritation. They are cool enough to wear in the summer heat and keep my feet plenty warm when the sun goes down. As an added bonus they dry out nicely and don't stink too badly when worn multiple days in a row. Important feature for those longer trips. The other item is my new ~3oz windshirt, a Marmot Ion (men's medium). It's my first hooded windshirt and it's made of Pertex Quantum. I put it through the ringer in terms of sweat management today and it did okay. I think it will be a great addition to our hiking gear as well as bike racing gear. It saves me 4 oz over my Pearl Izumi one, adds the warmth of a hood when needed and is so small I can bring it along when I'm tempted to leave my other one at home. More info after further testing.

Okay time for some sleep. Hard time trial tomorrow and then the last tune up race this weekend!


Marni said...

I think it must be noted that I did not simply "bail" on this ride but am still recovering from climbing two mountains this weekend. What other girls can say that? Huh? Huh? :)

Chris said...

Haha you are excused. :) We can't wait to have you back with us next week.