Thursday, August 3

Itchy Trigger Finger

Leadville is close. Something like 8 days. I'm getting anxious. Anxious to get through this taper where I'm alternating between feeling awesome and feeling exhausted this week. Next week will be better I know and a long taper is what I need but it doesn't make it any easier. I'm also anxious to get my gear ready from sealing up my skinny tires with Stan's to picking up my 2nd REI flash UL pack for those oh so important quick pit stops. My nutrition plan is dialed and I'm not going to make any changes at this point. Chatter is starting to increase on MTBR. Fat Cyclist is skinny and ready for his 10th year. I admire his tradition. Unless this year goes catastophically I will not be back to the LT 100 until I am ready to tackle the Leadman.

In other news, Dave Harris and Lynda Wallenfels are off to TransRockies. They are so fit and strong it's incredible and they're going to do really well. Watching those 2 at the E12 hour was a joy for me. They really gave me strength to gut it out when they could look so strong on the outside despite going so hard within. Check out their audio updates here.

Joining them at TransRockies is Team Dicky and Josh the Wonderboy, holding it down for the SS crew. Dicky has finished TR on a SS before and that makes him "the man" but I can't wait to see how the dual SS team kicks butt.

Adam sounds like he's training hard for the E100 in about 3 weeks and Guitar Ted is soliciting comments for TransIowa V3. Maybe I will be there with fixed gear offroad maniac David Nice for that rendition.

Leadville is the most pressure I've put on myself in a long time. It started as the sole focus of this year's training and while it's lead to a cycling rebirth for me, I still really want to finish well. Last year my butt hurt from lack of saddle time. This year it's from occasional saddle sores from riding so much. Last year I was apprensive about finishing under the time cuts. This year I'm apprensive about hitting my sub 9 hour splits. Saturday is my final tune up race and it's going to be a good one. After that I will get the bike in 100% Leadville shape and spend the last easy week of my taper making sure all the details are perfect.

And then what? Then it's time to race, that's the easy part. If I can just get there.


Marni said...

You are going to do great at Leadville, I'll be very proud of you no matter what happens. P.S. Your legs look fat in that picture -- now they are so muscular and toned, it looks weird in that picture. I love you.

Cellarrat said...

I'll be there for the 3rd edtion of TI....

If your there i'd love to ride /split travel costs =)

If you want to barrow my flash pack no worries there =)