Monday, October 9


Pictoral of the last week. Better late than never!

Turbo looking beautiful after his impromptu bath
Beautiful night riding......into a beautiful sunrise
The monster 17lbs 12x10 tent for the Moab crew. Go SuperTarget!

More night ride action on the Monocog
Marni looking hardcore :)
Marni and Melissa on Mt. Falcon
Hmmm maybe it is dark enough for lights now...
Lights? Who needs lights. I'm badass Bill. Okay I guess I'll turn my light on too.
Isn't she cute?
I'm so fast you can't take a picture of me Scott
Oooph. Who put this big rock here?
Melissa and tree
Here's how you get over that rock
Being chased by 4 electrical deer in the night
Night riding rules. Marni coming down the trail.
Melissa coming down the trail.
Scott hanging out
Copper cranks for Scott's 1x8. New powercoat job by Chris and Scott. Haha.
Scott's present to Chris, Carbon RockerLink and Ti bolts! Woohoo!
The twin Fuels preparing for battle
The BattleCow is prepared too. Moooooooo!
Yes I have a freakishly long inseam. That tape is Scott's normal seatpost height on a 19.5" frame.


Scott DL said...

First! :) Sweet pics... Holy crap you moved the seatpost up!

Cellarrat said...

Turbo's sitting still?????


Can't wait!

Marni said...

Haha, I like how the picture following the statement that I'm "hardcore" shows me walking. Oddly appropriate :) You are cute.