Wednesday, May 7


I was going to post a little something about the Lookout Mountain Hill Climb but wifey stole my title ;) The quick recap is that I had a great time finally doing the race after a few years of skipping it and am happy with a top 10 finish plus a new PR (20:45). Other than that it was mostly fun racing with Marni, Nicolette, Shawn (3rd!!!) and Bill. It felt like a real team outing!

Now since it's booming t-storms outside, I'll post pictures of something more bright and cheery. Maybe some flowers from a recent ride?

And some friends riding dirt and tacking tenacious technicals.

Ripping along some fast singletrack.

Pretty views.
What the heck are those?!
Tonight is time for some racing and then a team BBQ. Hopefully Mother Nature will storm herself out by early afternoon so I can both ride at lunch in the rain and race in the dry tonight. Better blogs to come I think but this will do for now.


Marni said...

Pink IS the new black afterall, right? Hmmmm...

Dave Harris said...

Bar ends and aero bars on a SS. And folks think running a power meter is strange, LOL.

Chris said...

Yea but I'm totally going to win the bike path olympics! ;)