Thursday, May 8


Dave shot some pictures with my camera out on course. Thanks bud! Michelle got some too but I haven't seen those yet. Last night went really well for our team. I think we all went into the race expecting a storm and lucked out without one. My legs felt okay and I was finally able to maintain focus and push hard the whole race. Sooo close to my series goal of 23:xx but at least I finally set a new PR of 24:21.8 which is a 25.86 mph average. Shawn squeeked me with a new PR too at 24:15 and we went 5-6 in the men's cat 4 field. Bill PR'd, Marni was 7 seconds off her PR and set her fastest time of the season and Erik was only a few seconds off his! After the race Scott threw the Ride Against the Machine team a killer BBQ and we all hung out, talked, ate and watched mountain bike movies. Pretty darn good night if you ask me.

Tonight is Dave's Tour Divide fundraiser at Snooze (ummm yum!) and this weekend I'm headed off to the White Rim to take some friends on their first WRIAD. I can't wait!

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