Friday, March 13


Spring Break 2008, Figueroa mountain road, Solvang, California

While this week has been less than ideal, the next two look off the charts awesome! The weather for next week is shaping up nicely for lots of MTB time including some good hike-a-bike practice for the AZT. The following week I'll be stealing my bride off to the desert and we'll be spending spring break together in Moab. Our spring break last year was unbelievably fun and while we're not road tripping quite as far this year, we are going to spend a week away from home and get some awesome riding, hiking, climbing and relaxing in.

Anyone who wants to join us for Moab activities is welcome. I'll be sneaking in at least one trip on White Rim as well. First on the new bike, should be fun!


Marni said...


Marko said...

I'll be looking forward to seeing you guys in moab. But I dont know if I'll have time for a WRIAD though.

I'm glad your starting to feel better. I have been glued to the couch since Monday with a cough and fever. My fever went away last night but I am wayyy to weak to attempt that snowbike loop I had planned for today.

I've been ready for spring break for a while now!

Anonymous said...

If you're up for some exploration / bushwacking, I might have a better idea for you than multiple WRs. Good prep for your AZT at least.

Chris said...

Sure thing. I was hoping to checkout some more remote canyonlands one of the days but I'm up for whatever.