Thursday, September 1

Bike to work (or carpool or vanpool etc)

So ever since Leadville kicked my butt I've been riding my bike to work. I took 1 week off after the race to recover and today is the 9th consecutive work day that I've ridden. So far I'm really really enjoying it. Now I've ridden bikes a long time and have ridden to work many times before but this is the first time I've given up the car totally. Okay so having "my" 2 car(s) broken and sharing our reliable car with the wife doesn't hurt the situation, but hey, i'm not clamoring to fix my ride(s). In fact riding to work has made me enjoy my commute to and from my house despite the fact that I basically live in the middle of town and ride with a decent amount of traffic both ways. My 5 mile commute each way takes about 20-30 minutes (depending on how hard I ride) which is about 10-15 minutes longer than by car. On the plus side I keep a minimum of 50 miles a week off my car, stay in better shape and reduce our countries dependance on oil and the currently skyrocketing gas prices. Even when I drive the Honda Civic the savings is still nice! Those with longer commutes or less fuel efficent cars could save a bundle.

And I'm not the only one. My dad has been riding and taking the bus in combination almost everyday for months now. Did I mention he lives in Illinois, commutes to St.Louis over the river, is over 50 and also is diabetic? Now what was your excuse again?

So what does the banner at the top of this post have to do with it? Well it's just a program here in Colorado by our RTD to help the environment and get people informed about alternative ways to commute other than by driving alone. You can carpool, vanpool, walk, take the bus or ride your bike or do any of those in combination. And all we ask is try it 1 day a week. When you realize how nice alternative methods can be you may find yourself doing it everyday! Now everyday doesn't work for some people or in emergencies but they have programs for that already including a guarenteed ride home via Taxi. I know this is available here in Colorado and also in the St.Louis area so there is a good chance it exists whereever you are.

So try something new for your commute, save some money, save the planet and reduce our countries need for oil all at the same time. It only takes 1 day a week and it's easier than you think. Just try it :)

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jess said...

Hey fool. I miss you. I've been reading your blog so I decided to post. Florence is so amazing. In Italy gas is like 5 something euro a quarter liter. It's ridiculous!!! Of course I walk everywhere (just to be eco-friendly) and not because I don't have a car, a bike or any other mode of transit here. Plus it's good exercise. Oh by the way, I have eaten some good food since the last post, but pretty much all the food here is good. And if not, there's always grilled cheese. I think I'm posting some stuff later. <3