Tuesday, September 6

Waiting to hear

Today is the resolution deadline for the inspection on our house. We heard all is well and the papers will be signed today but haven't seen that happen yet. Hopefully soon. Our real estate agent has been sick and in the hospital so I hope she's doing okay.

The long weekend was great. Lots of relaxing and fun. I went on a nice bike ride after 4hrs of sleep on Saturday morning since the girls were over Friday night for Kareoke. The ride was in Colorado Springs and went through Garden of the Gods which was awesome! We had Death Match 1 for our Eastside Wheelmen team and I chased Ryan up the hill in 22:05 to his 21:40. Next time I'm going to beat him. Today continues my consecutive ride to work streak as well. Apparently it's raining outside but from my windowless desk I can't tell.

Time to enjoy lunch, the best part of the day!

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