Thursday, September 8

Lunch Update

So i'm eating english muffin pizza's for lunch. According to the wife they are quite good. I dunno about that but I just invented them yesterday when she said she had nothing for lunch.

Take 1 english muffin and split it
Apply pizza sauce (best), tomato paste (okay), or catsup (if that's all there is)
Add cheese
Add 2 pepporoni
Microwave 1 minute on high
Burn hands
Burn mouth

They are pretty good. Miss Jessica I am still waiting!!!!!!

So I've still been riding my bike which is awesome. I'm starting to feel strong again for the first time in probably 2 years. We're supposed to have Crit practice on Sunday with ESW which I'm looking forward to. Still haven't got off my lazy butt to get the running underway though. All is well on the house front. Just waiting the apprasial and if that goes fine then we're set.

Maybe more updates this afternoon if it's as slow as I predict it's going to be...

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