Tuesday, December 11

Holiday Cheer

Marni got us to finally get a Christmas tree this year since we'll be in town over December 25th. I really like real trees though so I did my manly duty and cut off the base and extraneous branches with my hacksaw, put down some plastic and screwed it into the base thingy. Then I procrastinated further action by playing with Cujo. Okay not for long. Then we hung up the lights and ornaments. For never having our own tree, we have quite a large amount of cool ornaments.
Including likenesses of ourselves on bikes. Right on!
And an evil Redwings ornament...
Turbo likes to sleep under the tree on the tree skirt.
Marni does too. Just kidding.
We have a pretty light up angel too.
And a Cardinal that makes noise randomly. Including the middle of the night.
After decorating the tree somehow we started playing with the camera. Doggie extrodinaire.
Wifey extrodinaire.
Sunday night we went to the Avs vs Blues game because one of my nice coworkers remembered I was from STL and offered us some cheap tickets.
It was the highest scoring hockey game Marni and I have ever been too. Hejduk (Hedge Duck) got a hat trick too.
Yay hockey game!
The Avs won 9-5 and got their 1000th franchise win. 14 goals, crazy stuff.

Yea other than that it's been snowing here a lot. I've been on out on the Pugs. More on that later when I download the next batch of pictures.


Marni said...

Thanks again for the cool tree! It finally feels like Christmas! The hockey game was SOOOOO fun too -- behold the power of Dippin' Dots!

Becky said...

Great tree! It definately feels more like Christmas with decorations. Also, did you know that dippin dots are STILL the ice cream of the future?