Wednesday, December 26

Push it

Ran some errands early this evening (hehe) and then picked up a couple new toys for Pugs. Success on attempt numero dos of finding a rack that fits. Even if I don't carry anything more than necessary, winter requires a hell of a lot more gear than summer, and now I've got a rack to lash it all to. Thanks to some help from a couple chicks, Jill on the rack suggestion and install tips and Marni with the extra pair of hands for extreme bending maneuvers, the Pugsley is now outfitted with a rear rack and one that's pretty close to centered. That whole pesky offset rear triangle required some brute force action to center the rack to the tire's centerline but I think I did okay.
Almost ready for the a predawn adventure. Ditched the front brake and swapped my DA 12-27 cassette on for testing. Weight still sits at 35lbs as pictured minus the frame bag and thermos. There are a lot of places to ditch weight still but I'm waiting to see if a new bike will materialize before I invest the time and money to do so. Plus Alaska will probably have to wait until next year so I've got a little more time for testing and tweaking.
Landshark says "let it snow!"


Marni said...

Glad you had fun on your morning adventure! I can't believe how much snow we are still getting, perfect pugs weather!

Dave Byers said...

The rear racks looks good. Nice work!

Marni said...

Beware of LANDSHARK!