Wednesday, December 3

Let it snow!

First bigger snow fall of the year at least in Denver, Pugsley is probably giggling. This photo is from Thursday morning and it's supposed to keep snowing all day. In fact I already dug out my winter tights, hard to believe it's taken until 12/4 to use them this year. I don't even know where my booties are? Usually they're continually lying in the shoe pile by this point. I hear those up north are getting a few inches more than us too. Alright time to stop listening to fox's techno and go ride.
Wonder if I'll shovel the driveway in these later? Wonder if I'll get to use them for real this weekend? Oh man this picture is now making me laugh...who knows why?
12/3 Training:
Run 5 miles with Turbo, Tempo pace
Bike 16 miles, form and drills


Marni said...

Haha, I see why, but I won't ruin it :)

Technically you only own ONE of those...

Tex69 said...

Nice to know CO is unseasonably warm. Here in KY it's already late-January cold. Brr.