Monday, December 1

Winter training begins

After a couple lazy months of no structure, I'm getting back into some regular planned activities. My main goal over the winter is to work on biking speed and power while rounding out my general physical fitness and spending a good amount of time doing endurance work that is not solely bike based. My next big trips are still yet to be determined but hopefully a good mix of cycling, hiking and mountaineering. I'd love to do some ultra running trips but my knees aren't quite ready to run over a couple hours yet so long foot trips will remain primarily hikes for now.

12/1 Training:
Run - 3 miles with Turbo, moderate pace, rolling off road terrain
Pullups - 2x5 narrow, 2x5 wide
Situps - 5x10
Pushups - 5x10
Bike - 16 miles on the SS, hard urban (stop light, stop sign, etc) determined efforts

1 comment:

Dave said...

I'll be right there with ya on those goals. Except the first goal being: survive Camp in Jan.