Saturday, December 6

Put up or ?

Pancakes and omelet done, hot cocoa done, bag packed, time to roll. I'm headed for Long's Peak with Bill Wright and company. Guess we'll see how I do today, anticipation is great.

Our camera situation sucks so I'm not sure there will be pictures. Bah. Maybe I can return the target camera that is not working. I didn't drop it or spill on it this time!

12/4 Training:
Bike 8 miles

12/5 Training:
Bike 48 miles
Hike 3 miles with Turbo, boots no pack

Funny Stuff:
Badass of the Week


Marni said...

I'm waaaaaaaaaatching youuuuuuuuuuuuuu. Walk faster.

Matt said...

I'm betting the 3-miles with Turbo was the hardest effort. Who tired out first?