Thursday, July 30

Little Monkeys

Busy bees and lazy bloggers! Another belated update since recently Marni and I took our niece and nephew out to the climbing gym for the afternoon. They were spending the week with their grandparents so we headed up to Denver to take them out. Well first we got lunch while their awesome mom ran to Kinkos to fax me some legal paperwork so they could climb without her there...then we went climbing!

Trevor getting suited up to go climb for his very first time. He was nervous but would gradually go higher and higher all day long.
Trevor and Marni with Kylie in the background.
While Kylie amazed me with her texting prowess (oh to be 13), Marni took Trevor up the wall the first time. He would pick a goal, a sign or particular big colored hold, and go just up to that spot.
Me climbing on the auto belay while Trevor and Kylie check out the wall.
Marni and Kylie.
Kylie had been climbing once before and she was a natural. She made it up every time I think.
Trevor lapped this wall half a dozen times, each time getting a little higher. By the end of our session he asked Marni if I could climb next to him and he would try to make the top. Despite his thoughts at the beginning of the day, he made it all the way up!
Both the kids also thought the slackline was pretty cool.
And Kylie climbed all the way up the rope ladder too.
Not having been at the climbing gym in ages I floundered up a few 5.10s, it was not pretty. Apparently my weak hands and arms do not do overhanging right now.
All and all we had an awesome time.
Trevor liked playing with the camera. He'll be a natural blogger and facebooker in a few years. Hard to believe he was born the day before Marni and I met for the first time.
Soon I think everyone was worn out and we headed off for celebration ice cream. :)

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