Monday, July 13

Recovery cake

Wifey got me and Kurt a pretty sweet cake for finishing the Tour Divide. That's better than any prize! Since I've been home there's been a little road biking.
And some climbing on them there rocks.
A little mountain bike race spectating from the seat of my Pugs.
Some cheering for wifey in her first expert race and for my teammates, new and old.
And quite a bit of hanging out with all my awesome friends.
Almost two weeks out from the race finish I'm starting to think about dialing back the insane hunger monster, starting to stay up late again and even have thoughts creeping into my head about the next big thing (tm). No details yet, though if you're a facebook, MTBR or junkie you can probably figure it out. Otherwise you'll have to wait to see how a few more feeler emails and research sessions go.


Scott said...

That is a great cake!

Vito said...

The cake looks great! Chris...congrats again on your ride!

What was your bike geared at? Also, I'm thinking of getting a Pugs for this winter here in MN, but want to run it as a single speed. Any suggestions for me??

Jill said...

I still pretty much just read blogs, but let me guess ... Ultrasport on a singlespeed? Go big!

I know Pat Irwin, Eric Parsons and Aidan Harding have completed it on a singlespeed. There are probably more. It's actually a great race for one gear ... slow. ;-)

Anyhow, thanks again for the fun trip up to Denver. You still need to let me know what I owe you for that (gas/hotel/national park fees/pizza hut/etc.) plus the package that
Marni sent me. I really do appreciate it.

My next big thing - endurance working and hopefully a winter snowboard holiday in Banff. :-)