Saturday, July 31

It's really so hard to blog lately with no concrete big goals in sight. Sure I've been getting out but it hardly feels like I'm breaking new ground. I have ideas all lined out but I can't go through with anything yet. My ankle has started to get worse lately rather than better (like it was for a while) so Monday I'll be making an appointment and heading back to the doc. I don't really think I will like what they say but hopefully it will move things in a positive direction. At least I can hangboard and top rope if I end up back in a boot or cast. I better figure out how to crush my 12+ plastic project sooner rather than later...

Regardless of the ankle effing up my plans I'm psyched for JJ's arrival. His room gets more perfect every day and we get to hear his heartbeat again on Tuesday. Marni is 35 weeks and doing great. Turbo is busily inspecting all the new furniture in the room that's had the door closed for years and is probably wondering what the car seat is doing in his spot in the E. I know our world will change drastically in ways we can't even imagine when he gets here but we still can't wait. Two more weeks of cooking in the belly and then he'll be on any day arrival alert.

This weekend the CTR crew is in town and I'll be at the start on Monday cheering them on and definitely wishing my ankle could tolerate CTR level hike-a-bike. So you all should find their blogs and check them out instead of mine :)


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