Friday, February 24

Clearly the insanity must continue

I've only been on a bike twice now since the journey around White Rim and not even a week has past since embarking on that adventure. However due to the wonderful way in which the human mind works I'm already plotting more crazy rides. That's right! I've almost completely forgot about the pain and suffering of the ride and can only remember the fun and beauty. This, my wife says, is why women can have a second child.

But what's that you say? Crazy person? You have Leadville, a race that kicked your butt so hard last year you almost cried, in August?

True. Leadville is coming. But this year I'm out for revenge. I'm out to finish and then some. By the time I get to Leadville I want to know I can finish. My friends worry about me burning out and perhaps with very good reason. This season will be a bit extended due to my early start. But I've already take one month "off" at very reduced volume and I am going to keep my summer months relatively free of long races except for the Firecracker 50. To me these long rides and races are just base miles. Long miles in the saddle to prepare my butt and mind for the racing they were not prepared to do at Leadville last year.

Seeing as I've convinced myself of the writing above I'm moving forward with my planning. March will remain a time for big road bike and singlespeed miles. Come April I will return to White Rim on the 22nd and follow that up with my first solo at the 18 Hours of Fruita May 6th and the Buena Vista century May 20th. I'm hoping between these events I can figure out a nutrition strategy that doesn't leave me bonked as hell by hour 9 of a ride. That's going to be important if I'm going to survive a 24 hour solo in October and the Kokopelli trail race in 2007.

Looks like I better find a small handlebar bag, wireless bike computer, Moots Tailgator and a way to get a real bike light in the next 2 months. And figure out why my only front disk wheel sounds like there is gravel in the hub. Pictures of my goodies below. Donations of any form accepted!

Moots Tailgator

Handlebar Bag

NightRider Moab

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