Tuesday, February 28


Seriously I need to bring more food to work. I ate breakfast, then some leftover biscuits at 9am, then lunch after my ride followed by fruit snacks and finally a few Hershey kisses. I've been drinking water all day too and I'm starving. I don't know what I'm having for dinner but I hope there is a lot of it.

Trying to get my mind off food, Marni and I are going riding after work. Just an easy road bike but it will be fun to ride together. She's been riding on the trainer a lot this winter so it should help her fitness. I've been riding 90% solo this winter and having a coworker to ride with at lunch this week and Marni tonight is a nice change. At least it makes it easier to keep racking up the miles for one more month before races start. There is a circuit race on April 2nd, Koppenburg, and I'm thinking of trying to talk some friends into it. We'll see if I get any takers. Still no Cherry Creek time trial entry list so it better be up tomorrow. I'm going to be disappointed if I didn't get in. At least if I get in I'll be motivated to get some tires on it and fix the broken stem bolt.

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