Thursday, February 16

It's clear I suck... updating this blog regularly. The tale of the tape rundown since my last update.

2 - Number of the days until I'm in Utah riding the 100 mile White Rim trail
7 - Number of riders making the trip including me
2 - Number of times I've ridden the bike I'm taking on the trip in the last 3 weeks
15 - Number of times I've ridden my new single speed instead of above bike
2210 - Total miles I've ridden since my DNF at Leadville last August
695 - Total miles I've ridden so far in 2006
3 - Number of friends attempting Leadville with me in 2006

Songs that don't suck:
No regrets - Aesop Rock
The Anthem - Good Charlotte
Break Stuff - Limp Bizkit
I Woke Up in a Car - Something Corporate
History Repeating - Properllerheads
Sunday Jen - Slackstring
The Thing About It - Sweatshop Union
Stone Love - Pepper
Torches - Rise Against

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