Sunday, February 26

More base?

Why do more base training? Beats me. It's getting warm out and I'm starting to itch to go fast. Today was the conclusion of my rest week for this cycle and I've got 3 pretty big weeks to complete before another rest. I'm going to do this as one more base miles cycle. I think this will be good for a few reasons:

*More endurance to prepare my body for the hard efforts and recoveries to come
*More road miles that are easier on my body than on the mountain bike
*Too soon to start speedwork since my biggest goal race isn't until August
*Not quite light enough yet to ride mountain bikes after work until the time change

I will be slow at the start of Cherry Creek time trials (assuming I hear good news this week) but I can build my speed throughout the series and be ready for Winter Park in June. I suppose I might give up a better overall placing as a result but I'd rather have a good result at Winter Park and move up to expert for next season.

The bikes are clean and the Fuel is tucked back into the basement. I'll attend to my unhappy front hub in the next couple nights while I ride the road bike instead. Assuming I hear good news on Wednesday I'll also put together the time trial bike and start riding that twice a week to get use to the position again.

Three more weeks of base miles are going to mean I'm tired and hungry every night and I'll take it if it means I'm hungry to race in June. Let's just cross our fingers that these 60 degree temperatures stick around!

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