Sunday, July 16

Crazy town

I'm trying to sell and ship my car parts, our house problem is back, my mom is in town and I'm trying to fit in a big week of training next week on top of it all. I'm almost looking forward to racing Leadville more so that I can relax and not worry so much about key workouts until I get the rest of this stuff settled. Hopefully I can pull off a miracle and get it all done this week without going insane. Someday I'll upload all the great pictures of rides and races that are overdue too but for now I leave you with this.
I'm going to have a lot of fun traveling by bike once I get all this stuff tested, sorted and packed away. Even dog approves :)


Marni said...

Poor Chris :(

Cool stuff :)

^ said...


Cellarrat said...

Looks good chris!