Monday, July 10

I'm back

So I've been mentally gone while physically here. Recovering. Revitalizing. Updates coming today on many things. Had a great ride at lunch today. All kinds of new biking and camping goodies too. New lighting and paint in the house. New personal and family goals for the future. One chapter in my hobby career ending, another continuing strong.

Talk to ya'll in a few as soon as I can ditch this work thing :)


Marni said...

ut oh, family goals. That's never good :) Glad you are back blogging (and mentally) we've missed you.

Todd Plesko said...

oh no Marni

What does he mean?

And I too have been depressed but only because you have stopped blogging.

Your mom is worried about you. I wonder whats going on.

And if you can figure how to avoid the life sentence of work without just making someone else do your work for you (look out Marni), let me know now you can do it.


Scott DL said...

I've missed the cool pictures.... I think everyone thinks you guys are expecting.. :)

Marni said...

Oh my, I would be much happier and Chris would be freaking out a lot more if that were true :)

Cellarrat said...

Missed yah Chris!

Anyhow whenever your riding I am game =)

Let me know if you need a ginnapig to test any ideas out ;)