Monday, July 31

Sweat lines and sore legs

This post is nothing profound or revolutionary but I am here nonetheless. Training is good. My cycling cap permanently sports a wavy sweat line and my helmet straps are once again crunchy. Pushing the big ring against the chronograph taxes my sore legs but strengthens my mind. The Fuel and I are once again in sync and preparing for another extended day together. This year I'm confident and look forward to the long day. Last year I was unsure my body could go the distance regardless of what my mind told it. This year my body is prepared and all I need is for my mind to follow through again with soul searching resolve.

Tomorrow will be some quality spinning on the road bike to try to clear my legs out further. Wednesday or Thursday I'm planning a very hard hour on the mountain bike that should again shatter some personal course records. It feels good to go fast. Life is good. Tick tock tick tock. Eleven days to go.

1 comment:

Cellarrat said...

You are ready grasshopper...

You have trained hard, the belt buckle is yours.