Tuesday, July 11

Monocog Green

Got another awesome lunch ride in today. Starting to feel good again. Thanks Jeff from Sun for the conversation along the way and great pace. We averaged 18-19mph easily! (Don't know exactly because the computer still has a dead battery but I know the route length and time). More updates and race reports coming from me soon but more importantly tonight, one of the big projects we worked on this past weekend...
New lights, paint and beautifying in our dining room. Guess where wifey got the inspiration for the color?
More pictures and details on Marni's Blog! Check it out!


Marni said...

Yay for monocog green!

Scott DL said...

Looks nice, really changes the look of the dining room!

Dave Roberts said...

Must be cool to have a dining room that is the same color of a bike.

Dave Roberts
Ceci's Husband