Sunday, July 27

Colorado Trail

Denver to Durango, here we go!
Tomorrow at noon the Colorado Trail race kicks off. 530 miles and some 60,000+ vertical feet of climbing or so I'm told. I'll be tackling this beast on my rigid singlespeed. Dave Nice and Travis are also crashing at my place and will be rigid and single as well with Dave on his trademark fixie. I'm excited and can't wait to get riding. My bags are packed and all that's left to do now is eat, drink and sleep until tomorrow.All you blue dot junkies can follow along the CTR leaderboard and also my direct SPOT tracking page. In addition we'll be calling into MTBCast and there will likely be some MTBR chatter in the Endurance forum. Supposedly there are 16-18 starters plus the possibility of those showing up unannounced so we'll see tomorrow I guess. Good luck to all you other racers and sleep we tonight!

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Ed said...

Go Chris, go!!