Sunday, July 13

Sunday recap

This morning involved me getting out of bed late. I had designs for several days to get up earlier but well, it just hasn't happened. Luckily every day is still Saturday (Marni and my motto for the summer...) so when I eventually rose from the dead I cooked us some pancakes with strawberries for breakfast. Then I lounged around unhappily for a while as I worked my way through over 1000 Google reader feeds. Turbo is the usual beneficiary of my moodiness and we took him for a walk.

Eventually I rallied and set about tinkering in the kitchen. I'm trying to break from Perpetuem to see how a non soy protein does in my bottles. The initial source of whey protein was too sweet even in small quantities so I moved on to another version. Version two was promising and version three even had some light flavoring. Eventually I'd run out of variations I was interested in trying so I grabbed the winning bottle and headed out on the bike. Two hard hours of riding later the bottle was empty and I'd managed to keep it all down despite some wickedly hard speedwork. At least that's a good sign...

Marni as usual was awesome and had dinner ready. I'm finally eating a bit more normally after the Divide and fruits and veggies are key. Now time for some recovery and more reading.

And the picture of Turbo? Well he's just awesome at climbing mountains so I had to put it up. Check out Marni's blog for a bit of the info on our climb of Massive and Elbert earlier this week.

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Cage said...

There's my second favorite dog in the world! Bring him to St. Louis with you.