Wednesday, July 30


Just talked to Chris around 8:30 am our time. He has made it to Leadville!

After a rough day yesterday, Chris seems to be having an awesome morning. He's been riding with Doug Johnson since Copper last night and together they tackled the rough stretch with Searle Pass between Copper and Leadville. They stopped for the night and slept for about six hours. Chris said it was VERY cold -- cold enough to freeze their water bottles -- but he slept ok and is feeling much more perky this morning. Doug was getting tired on the track into Leadville, so he told Chris to go up ahead and they plan to hopefully meet up again either in town or in Buena Vista tonight.

Here at home, I'm doing pretty well. I was very happy to hear Chris so happy this morning -- I woke up very early from a dream that Chris lost his glove somewhere and didn't think he'd be able to go on without it. Since then, I've been drowning myself in I Love Lucy in an attempt to go back to sleep. Now that I've heard his happy/excited voice, I think I can go for a ride myself and then take a nap. I hope to hear from him in Buena Vista around 5 or 6 tonight. Then he'll disappear into the black hole between Buena Vista and Silverton without any contact for a few days. That'll be the crux of this route for Chris, and if he can make it through that, and barring any further problems, I will surely be picking him up in Durango this weekend or early next week. Go Chris!

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