Wednesday, July 30


In case you follow along Chris's CTR attempt here but not on MTBR, I think you'll find his call-in from Leadville quite hillarious:

Hey everybody, this is Chris Plesko. I'm here in Leadville. It's 8:30 on saaa... not Saturday, Wednesday morning. I had a pretty good night last night. Me and Doug hooked up outside of Copper there and rode over Searle pass and that really high ridge over Kokomo too. That was pretty epic sitting up above 12,300 at 10:30 at night! And bivied at Camp Hale for a bit and took off this morning. I expect he'll call in in a minute. Other than that, doing good, gonna get some kind of food here in town and push on to Buena Vista.

Apparently, even during the Colorado Trail Race, Chris is living in the land of perpetual Saturdays. Ha! Yay for Saturdays!


Ed said...

Go Chris! Go everyone!

I hope to one day, for at least a short time, be in a situation where everyday is a Saturday and I forget what day it is.

Good stuff!


Mike said...

Sign of a good home life, or else he would be imagining it was Monday :)

You're a good Sugar Momma ;)

john Plesko said...

I just read a New York Times story all about Leadville. It's the highest incorporated city in the USA (10,152 feet)
Your grandfather in Pontiac.