Tuesday, November 17

Exciting socks?

Always on the lookout for a good deal, a couple pairs of RBH Designs socks popped up on Backpacking Light forums in my size for more than half off retail. They arrived yesterday, fit nicely and at least look warm since Marni wants some to wear around the house. I've played with VB footwear before using plastic bags and the GoLite silnylon VB socks but these things seem right up my alley. They're a 3 layer laminated sock which eliminates some of the "multiple sock feel" that I hate in most people's winter footwear systems. More footwear items showing up soon and hopefully I can make a nicely working system with this stuff.

Recovery is still going well. I've been sleeping a lot lately, abnormal for me. I'm not sure if it's the increase in physical activity or the fact that I hardly slept for the first month of my injury but I'll just roll with it. Sleepy time is healing time. Today was a fairly easy ride and this evening Aaron and I are going climbing again at the BRC. Amazingly, climbing with my injured ankle in my mountaineering boot was excellent for my range of motion. I keep making strides towards bending it enough to walk in regular shoes. That is going to be a great day!


Doug said...

The RBH Designs VP socks look like an excellent choice.

I doubted whether or not a VB sock would make much of a difference. Now I don't go out in below zero weather without one. I use the Integral Designs VP Sock. A little cheaper than the RBH, but requires some sock layering.

For my winter camping and two AH135's I also used another Integral Designs product. There South Col eVENT Bivy. It's an excellent winter bivy.

Anonymous said...

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Cellarrat said...

Maybe wear your mountaineer boots to walk Turbo?

If so i need pics =)

Jill said...

I have those exact same socks, but I ruined one last March by putting a hole in the seam while trying to yank my foot out of ice in my boot. I still use them; although not a true "vapor barrier" any more, they still insulate really well.

Chris said...


Patch those socks and keep using them. The seams aren't sealed anyway so they don't keep 100% of the moisture out, only most of it. Can you just stitch up the hole and slap some seam grip on it?