Thursday, November 12

Just a little more

Another trainer session today and still feeling really good. Hoping to hit a big milestone tomorrow but I won't jinx it quite yet. This evening I'm doing some heat and stretching on the tightest areas and then back to ice, Advil and elevate before bed. It feels so good to be doing something to get better and seeing improvements, even though they're small. Having my Ultrasport entry and check soon arriving in Alaska is really motivating. I think I'm going to print out some of the awesome pictures and hang them around the house for all those times I'm feeling down. I also ordered some boot liners today and talked for a bit with a cobbler. I'm determined to find a good solution to the winter clipless boot problem despite my size 12 stompers. Lots of ideas floating around and underway, we'll see which one actually works in real life.

Tomorrow will be the first Fatbike Friday post and I've got a fun little one planned!


Doug said...

Glad to hear you're seeing progress.

I'll be tuning in tomorrow for the Fatbike Friday post. Can't wait!

Jsun said...

the ups and downs of recovery, ugh

Having something to look forward to helps me get thru it all sometimes..

I do a bit of foot and ankle work in my profession and previously had some thoughts about footwear for extreme conditions. If you want to bounce some ideas...

Chris said...


Any hints about getting a warm clipless compatible shoe would be great. I'm exploring all options right now from retrofitting a winter hiking shoe, building something half from scratch or building up the outside of something that's already a cycling shoe with extra insulation. It seems getting enough room in the forefoot and toebox and to be able to pad the follow with extra insulation are the biggest clipless issues.

Jsun said...

I had tried some foot, footbed insulation experiments (we make inserts among other things) We do some shoe modifications too, so I could order treads, etc. I will send you my contact info.