Monday, May 10

Deep Blue Something

There is a reason for 3 am alarm clocks and bleary eyed drives, for bouncing a 4wd up a rutted and snow packed road in the dark.
For hiking through the snow towards the rising sun.
To be awed looking back at your footprints.
To climb up into the sky, where the color blue gets deeper and deeper.
To share such moments with friends.
Admiring them together.
Putting in the work.
Plotting another trip.
Watching the earth drop away.
Sharing the load into a deeper and deeper blue.
Until there is no higher to go.
But even more beautiful views await.
And then it's time to go down, back to reality.
And say goodbye until another early morning.
Which you know will come, because you couldn't possibly stay away.

1 comment:

Vito said...

Very cool Chris! Thanks for sharing.