Friday, May 21


I think it took a long time to hit 80 degrees or more this year in the front range. Today was nice and hot though and I helped Kevin out with a quick run up the first flatiron this morning.
We pitched out the bottom part while he got used to climbing again and then soloed the easier upper part.
Last time I climbed up here it was a strange foggy day and I missed out on the views. Today was awesome with RMNP and the IPW on full display.
I think this makes 10 times up the direct route for me with some other summits by other routes. I have a long way to go to reach 100 like Stefan did last year.
When Marni and I first climbed it we took over 7 hours car to car. My best so far is just over an hour. Today was just under 3 or so at a pretty relaxed pace.
Tomorrow the century crew has a good ride planned and then we're watching the Ride the Divide movie at 7pm at the Boulder Theater. Tickets still available as far as I know if anyone wants to come.

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Marni said...

Thanks for pointing out how slow I am/was :)