Friday, May 28

Summer: Here and Now

I think when there are 90's in the forecast, I can officially declare summer to be here. Plus Marni finishes up her teaching year today which is great. She's ready to enjoy her last few months of pregnancy without the stress of teaching the little ones every day. I know she loves her job but it's also great to have a bit of time away every year to decompress and get ready for another class full of wonderful kids who need lots of love and attention. Her dad and I picked up another couch last night while she was at her grad class and hopefully this weekend we'll get the paint color picked out for the nursery. Bit by bit I feel like we're getting ready for little JJ's arrival. Know how fast summer always flies by, it won't be long until he's here.
In other news I didn't get the job I interviewed for. It was great to hear back yes or no but a bummer to hear back no. More applications and interviews await and I'll probably find something closer to home anyway but it's always a little depressing not to be chosen. I had a nice time mentoring a new trad climber yesterday on the first flatiron to think about things and hopefully will get away for a little solo adventure to the Indian Peaks Wilderness this weekend to reflect some more. Getting up into the high mountains is such a paradox. The places I love to go have a limited time window when I can safely be there so I move quickly and all too fast I'm back home looking up at the big mountains, longing to return to where I just was. This time I've got a plan to spend a few extra hours up there if everything works out.
Well time to take Turbo for his walk before it gets too hot for the furrysaurus. Golden Retrievers aren't a big fan of 90 degree weather :)

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Cellarrat said...

Sorry to hear about the Job.... it well work out...