Wednesday, May 12


With an impending spring storm looming, Chad and I rolled out of Denver before the sun came up. A nice 30 minute hike up the hill and Mt.Lincoln's Scottish Gully was all ours. Chad racked up for his first ever ice lead.
Time to go get em.
Lincoln was still fat. Might have to go June ice climbing just for the heck of it.
Putting in a screw.
Topping out the bulge on pitch one.
I followed up to the anchor and led up the headwall to the top for pitch 2. A quick walk down and Chad led another line bringing us back to the top.
We walked down again and ran another lap up the main gully, this time on a steeper line. I led it all as one pitch with Chad simul-climbing the last 10m or so. The start was easy goofing around on the dead tree rest.
3 near vertical sections kept it interesting but I managed never to get pumped or cold hands all day. Got to keep practicing that technique. As one pitch it's not a bad 70m of climbing.
The sun even came out for us off and on. By 11am we'd had enough laps and headed out to beat the storm and make it back in time for Marni, baby and my doctor's appointment. Everything is going well and little JJ is growing nicely. Only a few more months until we get to meet him!
Someday I can't wait to bring him up here to meet Mr.Goat and friends.

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Marni said...

Goaty sez: "what dem crazy hoomans doing down der?"