Sunday, September 5

First Outings and Grandma Judy

JJ says..."I was thinking on Friday that I should do something exciting today."
I thought about it while I made Mom put on my awesome shirt.
Dad told me it was a good idea.
So we got in the car and went to go pick up Grandma Judy from the airport. Then we went to Starbucks. I like second hand whipped cream!
When we got home Grandma Judy was real nice and good at holding me.
Mom liked to show me off.
So did Dad.
Even Turbo was very happy.
I got tired so I had to rest for a while after my great idea.
Then later we went to Proto's and I was a great boy again. I decided to sleep while everyone ate pizza. Really I knew this would lead to second hand pizza. I like second hand pizza!
Everyone always has those flashy things out. Dad calls them a camera. Here are my little fingers.
And also my little Rhino feet.
I like when people hold me, it makes me sleepy. Speaking of which, I'm getting pretty sleepy right n...

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