Thursday, September 16

Three weeks in

They say you don't get a lot of sleep as a new parent but I don't necessarily agree. Maybe I just have a good baby and a rockstar wife. Sure you don't get to crash out for 8 straight hours but we've been generally getting to bed at a reasonable hour and JJ will sleep until at least 7am. Subtract a little time for feeding and diaper changes and you still get a decent amount of rest. Plus it's easy to justify naps though I usually dedicate those to Momma as I don't have to feed JJ every night and get extra breaks. Of course I could have just jinxed the whole thing and it will all go south tonight...

In other news JJ likes his bath time. We've been giving him a little bath every other night now and he seems pretty pleased about it. Mom is the washer and I'm the holder. Little babies are slippery but no incidents yet ;)
Turbo is once again very interested in what's going on at bath time despite the fact that he doesn't like baths.
We're slowly learning which things are nice to have lots of and which aren't as critical. Laundry is a necessity every other day so certain items you only need a few while others it's nice to have a stash. Little onesies, even just the plain white ones, are one of the things I'm glad we have a lot of.
JJ likes to sleep in funny positions :) We generally just swaddle his body and legs now but he'll break out of that if he wants to.
I love getting to spend time with him. I had some training for the new job today and it was strange to be away from Marni and JJ all day. I'll be working at least part time after we get back from an upcoming trip to St.Louis to see more family and slowly getting towards working most days. The flexibility of subbing will really help on those days when JJ isn't feeling well and when Marni is sick I can probably even cover her classroom now!
I don't think JJ is smiling on purpose yet but the accidental ones are pretty cute!
He also likes to see if he can eat Turbo's fur. Good thing since it will be all over him for a long time to come.
Training is still going well. Monday I got in a good ride on the Selma for a while in the afternoon that was mostly dirt and some good rolling climbs. Tuesday I got into the BRC for a good session and last night I got out to the flatirons for the first time since JJ's arrival. I took a new climber for his first multipitch trad route and he seemed pretty psyched to get out. I ran into Stefan soloing the face, or he caught us rather and it was fun to catch up about each other's newborns for the first time. Tonight I cranked out about 75 minutes of good mountain biking on the Selma again with a small set of technical intervals in the middle and a bunch of 30 second hill sprints. Almost every ride I'm getting more psyched about 2011 and plenty of ideas are running through my head about training events as well as the yet to be unveiled "big ride". I've got about another week to ramp up the training in September before taking it easier while on our road trip. Perhaps while I'm gone I'll start putting together a bit of a plan for October. The desert is starting to beckon and fatty wants to see White Rim...


Fonk said...

Regarding the sleep, I think it's just dependent on the particular baby. For instance, with our twins, Madeleine would basically sleep through the night, maybe waking up once, very early on. Marisa, however, would wake up screaming nearly every hour. We got NO sleep, and were walking zombies for months. Our first, Katelyn, had been fairly easy, so this was quite the wake-up call (excuse the pun) for us.

I'd say you got pretty lucky! :)

(and to this day, Marisa still wakes up crying at least once each night, and she's three years old now)

Chris said...

I'm sure it is very baby dependent. The longest we get so far is ~4.5 hours continuous but that's fairly rare. The worst is every ~2 hours all night. Even those nights it feels like you fall right back to sleep in between. Even 4x90 minute sleeps seems alright. Not ideal but not enough to make us zombies that's for sure. Of course he still will wake up every hour now and then like this morning from 4:30 on but he hasn't done that all night since before he started getting his real milk.

I still cannot imagine twins. Well I can imagine but I don't want to. Major props to anyone with multiples!

Derrick said...

We're somewhere between 3 and 6 weeks from the arrival of Liam. I'm wondering if he's going to be a tiny insomniac because it seems that he is ALWAYS on the move in his miniature living quarters. I am a walking zombie if I get less than 6 hours of sleep for multiple days in a row... so... my expectations are already set pretty low on how spunky I'll be, but here's to hoping he'll take after JJ with his sleeping.