Saturday, September 18

More pictures

I don't have a clever title for this one but I've got more pictures. Selma and I have been hitting up all the local trails lately and running laps.Jersey, shorts and a water bottle is all you need to rage for a couple hours.
At home JJ and I are practicing being similar.
And he's found some short track socks like Looney and Cyn.
He likes to chill on his blankets sometimes.
And get baths.
Turbo approves.
Warm and squishy baby.
Momma love.
Pacifier and pants, quite a big day.
I like to go in the car, not so much getting strapped in.
Dueling bottles!
That's all for now!

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Jessica said...

Awwww every time I see turbo sticking his cold nose in the picture I have to smile!! I love seeing dogs with babies.