Monday, September 6

The swing

A week or so at home now and we're getting into a routine. Little JJ is a pretty good sleeper for a newborn and most nights we get at least one ~4 hr stretch. Of course he always wakes up when I try to get pictures of him in his bassinet. He says he does his best thinking in there. Once he's sleeping a little longer we'll move him into his crib.
During the day we've enjoyed hanging out. JJ likes to practice his baby shark imitation.
I've been getting back into riding more regularly with Marni's help. My summer 2011 project is slowly becoming a reality and I want to be in top form when the time comes. Being a dad does help with motivation for sure. I love being out on the bike or out climbing but it's been a little more focused time wise so I can get back to my little boy.
Today I spent a couple hours out on the Selma working on the hills and pushing in the wind. From the high points you could see the fire that is just to the west of Boulder. It's pretty massive and I hope they can get it under control soon.
The Selma is such a sweet bike. I have to say it's the nicest mountain bike I've ever owned. Mine weighs in right around ~20lbs at the moment and with my impending return to work, maybe I can lighten it up this year. I'm positive 16lbs is doable though I'll probably be shooting more for 18.5 lbs with a completely bomber endurance build.
I'm starting to hear rumblings about Fall and it's got to be true. The shadows are coming earlier now and the light is beginning to find that late day warmth. Something about the angle of the sun makes for such pretty light in fall and winter.
Happy to be out pedaling and starting to feel stronger. I've got a way to go to get my volume in the right place but the speed is there lurking just below the surface.
I'm lucky to have such an exceptional training ground near my house. I've got several dirt and road loops right out my front door with rolling hills and great scenery that aren't too effected by the weather. And with a little more time there are multiple 3k+ foot climbs just a few more miles away. I'll be that much more grateful to get my workouts done and get home to JJ this year.
It feels good to get back into a routine and back to blogging too. Lots more exciting stuff to come.

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Ayasha Kieth said...

Nice photos, specially the baby, so cute, anyway, I like your bikes, looks great and cool.


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