Wednesday, March 1

Doubleyou tea eff!

Could it get any windier? Seriously it took me almost 40 minutes to go 5 miles at lunch. I averaged under 12mph for the entire ride (road bike) and worked hard just to get that! I nearly blew over a couple times on the climb up Sims and ended up doing it all in the dirt to avoid being run over. Oh well that's pretty much how this whole winter has gone so I guess it's making me strong. The days when it's not windy are great. I feel so fast already and I've done next to no speed work so far.

On to a more cheery subject, my big ride for Saturday. I've talked Jim into doing the loop below with me and Erik and Doug into joining us just before Flagstaff too. It's about 56 miles depending on if we do the whole Marshall Mesa trail and what loops we do on top of Flagstaff. I'm sure I'm in for a long day in the saddle but it's just what I want. Now if I could just spring for one of those new Garmen 305 GPS units I could get it to plot routes on Google Earth for me! On Sunday Scott and I might do an easy road bike ride as well.

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