Thursday, June 22

Wednesday Nite Social at Red Rocks

Last night's ride was lots of fun. An easy loop around Red Rocks/Matthew Winters on nice tacky dirt. It stormed and rained right before and right after our ride but we never had more than light rain during. As a bonus it knocked all the dust down and it's been so dry the trail still wasn't muddy. Marni did a great job riding some even harder technical elements and touched her butt to her rear tire for the first time ever! I've heard rumblings of Mt.Falcon at 6pm for next week, we'll see if that holds true.

Marni hiding from the rain on the tailgate.
The group hangs out along the trail during a regroup.
Everyone rolling out from the start.
Erik on a fully rigid while his Sugar is in the shop. Didn't shift either to try out this "singlespeed" thing :) Haha.
Beautiful double rainbow.
Chris and Marni at the top of Morrison Slide.

Marni, Turbo and I are off to Park City after work. See all you fellow endurobloggers there and the rest of you wish me luck!!!


Scott DL said...

We rode Deer Creek this morning and to be honest, it was sort of weird riding without you... :) Mount Falcon, lower parking lot, for sure next Wed! Get this, I'm actually going to wash my bike before this ride!

Endurosnob said...

Good luck

Marni said...