Tuesday, December 20

Day 2

Quick post, trying to get in the habit.

Ski and climb today, mostly working on technique and getting comfortable on ice again. Felt pretty good by the end of the day and home in time to put JJ in bed. It appears I fixed the oil leak in the Civic too. Marni had burritos ready for dinner, yum. She's still the best.

1:30 xc ski
~750 ft ice/mixed climbing (WI3/4 and M5)
Weight 162.5lbs


Unknown said...

Plesko - you have no idea how much I will enjoy getting your fat ass back into shape. What did you climb today? I'll be back from beaver creek on Friday, then we can start the pain!

Chris said...

Just hidden falls with Erik. Crowded but whatever. I just made him belay me for triple laps. He did a good job leading it too.