Monday, December 26

Merry Christmas!

Yesterday was too busy for a blog post but I'll try to keep up the every other day thing at least. JJ loved his new kitchen and Marni and I had a great time opening our budget presents to each other :) Marni's parents surprised me with a few DMM offset nuts at dinner too which is pretty rad!

Hope everyone out there had a fantastic Christmas, Marni and I sure did. We found out JJ was coming 2 years ago on Christmas morning so it's a little extra special now. Tomorrow my sister and her boyfriend roll into town and we're very excited to have them come stay with us. She's a third year law student so she is busier with studying than me and doing fantastically at it. One more week off work for me but I've got some homework to do. Lots of training and climbing going down too. It feels really good to be getting regular workouts in and I'm slowly starting to sleep better.

This morning I took a friend from my teaching program out for her first ever ice climbing. She was psyched to go out and it was fun to pay it forward in teaching a new climber. So many people have taken me out climbing and taught me key skills I like to return the favor for new climbers. Now JJ and Marni and napping, then more fun of some kind.

Day 7: Rest
Day 8: Ice 420 ft
Weight 164lbs (too much holiday candy!) I think I need a run or a ski later today...

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