Thursday, December 22

Day 4

Yesterday was a rest day which is always difficult for me unless I've done a lot of big workouts recently. Nevertheless it was planned and needed and I managed to stick to the plan. Today I skipped my run and instead went xc skiing for an hour with Turbo since it snowed a foot overnight. Between that and shoveling I was tired by the time I hit the gym this evening but I still had a pretty good bouldering session. Working on power is not my favorite (meaning I suck and have no power) but at least I get to cruise my favorite type of terrain during the warmup. If I'm ever going to climb the Flatirons 13a I have in mind then I need plenty of V6 power before I get to the fun vertical crimping part.

Day 4:
~1:00 XC ski
~1:30 steep bouldering
1:00 Ikea assembly (haha)
Weight 162lbs

Tomorrow I'm planning to swing some tools locally and maybe take a walk to check on Flatirons ice conditions after this big storm. Hopefully this new snow will settle out and I can get on a few big routes during my holiday off of work and school.

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