Saturday, December 24

Day 6

Yesterday I got out to TR solo some ice and mixed in Boulder Canyon (2 laps mixed, 3 ice). To be honest, the ice there is pretty lame this year and the top out is sketch since everyone has blasted all the ice away. Clear Creek isn't in at all yet which means it's an hour drive at least for any decent ice and 2 hours to fun stuff. Bah. I was going to play on the hard mixed lines anyway but the bolts were buried under 14 inches of powder and I already had to clear a bunch of snow off the first mixed lines I did. I should have put my crappy picks on before I left home too, oops. Lesson learned, I'll be filing today.

I debated going to Vail this morning with Chad and Erik but with lots of Christmas stuff to finalize and a dinner to cook I nixed it. Instead I'll do some 4x4's at the BRC and a quick run. Probably a better workout than I could have gotten in a short trip anyway. Now to finish cleaning and wrapping Marni's presents while she and JJ are at the kiddo museum. Marni and I are a budget so tomorrow will be really fun to see what she came up with this year. Luckily we've got JJ and he's the best present ever :)

Day 5 - 250ft ice/mixed
Weight: 163lbs

Day 6 - Run ~35min, Gym Climb 4x4's (routes)
Weight: 163 lbs

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