Tuesday, September 19

24 Hours of Moab Solo

Well the bullet has been bit and the planning is underway. So far I am joining 36 other crazies in riding my bike around a 15 mile loop in Moab for 24 straight hours.

I've got a great crew shaping up and I'll give a little bio of each of them as soon as I get everyone confirmed. Marni will be crew chief, Dave and Scott will play mechanics, my dad will be there I think and the rest of the gang will keep me warm, fed and riding from noon to noon on October 14th and 15th. Scott has also graciously donated his 19.5" Fuel 90 for my backup bike so I'm not stuck with my singlespeed if there is an problem.

So much planning to do! I have to get my lights settled, choose and test my tires, figure out schedule, clothes, and which cars we are all going to drive. Not to mention race food, crew food, sleeping bags and a big crew tent (which I don't own). Plus I still have to train while I figure all this out. I've got some whopper overload rides planned to keep my legs ready. I'm really excited to do a solo 24 finally. Nick Martin described it as setting up a small tent city and then tearing it down 2 days later. I'm pretty sure he's right and that makes me the mayor of my own little crazy town.


Cellarrat said...

Might be able to barrow the flying dog ez up? let me know.... are you riding wends?

DaveH said...

Oh yea, Moab. The first 10 hours are always a blast ;)

As for the mayor status, it's best to delegate that one. You'll be the mayor of your bike and the effort you put into it, all else hopefully is handled by your crack support crew.