Friday, September 15

What sound does titanium make when it bends?

I uploaded the pictures now, duh
OUCH!I've been neglecting my blog here so I'm going to make a quick post and upload the pictures later. Lots of great riding this week. Solid 50 miles on the road including an hour at TT pace on Tuesday. On Wednesday it was boy's night for the weekly ride. Bill, Scott, Dan(from CoSpgs!) and I hit up Red Rocks. Real casual pace, lots of practice on technical sections, tons of fun. No major incidents until we get back to the parking lot. First I did a wall ride/side hop thing without issue. Then I tried to hop up on a high ledge, bike came too far under me and back I went. From the looks of the scrapes I flipped backwards and landed on my back and left side. No major damage done other than a bent titanium rail on my SLR and a lot of scrapes and bruises. Unfortunately that makes sleeping in almost any position quite uncomfortable. Oh well, it's been a while since I had a "reminder" on the mountain bike. After the ride we hit up Jason's Deli which was quite delicious too. Yesterday I got in a quick lunch ride including a DQ stop for a blizzard since I was sans lunch. Definitely need to go on a grocery run here soon. Last night I rode to Boulder after work and met Marni at Murphy's for some dinner and an impromtu magic show tableside. I think Marni was unconvinced at first but the magican was pretty good and funny so we enjoyed it. It was free but I really wish I had my wallet so I could have tipped him some cash since we enjoyed it. We'll have to return another Thursday night since he said he's always there.

Tonight Marni's family all gets in town for Scott and Betsy's wedding this Sunday. Luckily I don't have to have a tux for this one. Marni's cousin Becky and her fiance are staying at our house which should be lots of fun. I'll be getting in some long rides this weekend while they attend to wedding practice stuff which will hopefully fill out my big miles week. Since today is also payday I will be biting the bullet and signing up for 24 Hours of Moab. I'm a bit nervous but all my friends are behind me and volunteering to crew and help me out so at least I have that going for me. After I sign up then comes the rush of decisions and purchases: tent, lights, tires, driving situations etc. Yikes.

Okay have to ride to work now. Pictures will be added later!

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Cellarrat said...

Count me in for crewing!

Let me know if you need anything...

Can't wait to watch you suffer =)

Your gonna do good!